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Looking for ad-hoc security support?

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We are BSI-certified APT-Response Service provider we offer you:


  • a factual status and action plan for a current threat
  • forensically sound data acquistion for further analysis
  • in-depth technical (forensic) analysis to extract information for further use
  • measures to understand and minimize the impact of an incident
  • a final comprehensive incident report with recommendations

Security Defence

Security is the minimisation of risks with the confidence that little can happen. Defence is the ability to resist attacks and to keep threat actors from reaching their target of intrusion.

We believe in Security through Defence. We deliver our services ad-hoc or as continuous (retained) professional technical support:  

Technical Triage

Unsure about an e-mail or file?

We determine whether you should be concerned.

Incident Management

Want to determine and coordinate
adequate counteractions?

We  assess the situation and provide
you with an action plan.

Digital Forensics

Need to acquire relevant data or
conduct in-depth analysis?

We’ll use our forensic tools, techniques
and equipment to get it done.

Malware Analysis and Reversing

Found a malicious file and need

We’ll extract capabilities, context and
relevant details for further use.

Threat Hunting

Want to check your environment for
hidden compromises?

We’ll check network traffic, logs and
systems to reveal them.

we envision no harm to our customers from any digital Threats

 Security Consulting Services

We provide our expertise and experience to go beyond product implementation, we also support with right-sizing and operating defense capabilities: 

  • Manage your cyber risk based with an expert’s view on your current exposure and defense effectiveness
  • Get operational processes and technology effectively implemented
  • Cover legal or audit requirement to comply with relevant procedures and policies
  • Train your organisation through real-life exercises and table tops


We assess the current defense status and
provide guidance where to strengthen defense.


We support with operational and technical
defense procedures and policies.


We extend people’s defense abilities through
experiencing new situation.


We implement and configure technology to
support effective defense.

We are experts in:

  • BSI compliant Cybersecurity Check
  • Roadmap
  • Incident Reporting
  • Defense Metrics
  • Threat Sharing Policy
  • SIEM data deletion policy
  • SOC Triaging and Alerting
  • Incident Response
  • Tabletop Exercise
  • Malware Analysis Workshop
  • Forensic Data Acquisition Training
  • SIEM Inplementation Support
  • MISP Installation
  • Guardium Configuration
  • Log Collection and Parsing

Need something else? Talk to us:

curious@quoscient.io | +49 69 33 99 79 38

WE strive for DEFENCE to provide the best benefit for YOUR money


We are supporting academic work and research in the following topics:

Collaboration between Teams

Integrate Technology as an Ecosystem

Incident Response and Forensic

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