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We merge Technology, Intelligence and Human Response
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What we do

Defence Technology

Empower security teams

Intelligence Operations

Inform decision makers

Security Operations

Respond to digital threads

… 360 degree understanding of the threat landscape as it applies to your enterprise

Solving the most pressing Digital Security Challenges

Data overload

Lack of automated workflows to counter sophisticated and persistent adversaries

High cost

Continuous investments required for an effective digital security plan with no insight on ROI


Data silos, breakdown in communication. Too many tools and appliances to manage


Lack of experienced security professionals, lack of time and ever increasing case load


Increasing regulatory requirements with higher penalties; ever stricter data laws

Why choose QuoScient

  • We simplify security operations for you, so you get to focus on what really matters.

  • Tap into collective defense intelligence and experience a one of a kind peer to peer collaborative architecture.

  • No more Data Overload. With our platform and technology, consider it a thing of the past.

  • Easy Integration. Our products are effective without lengthy and costly integration efforts.

  • No hidden or unnecessary costs. QuoScient offers fair and transparent pricing. 

  • Benefit from customized functional and technical support.

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