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The growing threat of cybercrime around the world and the resulting damages reaching into the billions require the absolute best solutions, perfect service and a forward-thinking strategy to provide the best possible security for your company.

QuoLab is the solution, stemming from the experience and competences of our cyber defense specialists from sectors facing especially heightened risk. With this know-how, we created a platform that provides a highly effective ecosystem and offers exceptional security for companies around the globe. Protect yourself – with a solution tailor made to meet your individual needs.


Share and exchange

Crowd Sourcing: Join forces with other teams to jointly confront threats.

Sharing: Anonymously or publicly interact with others on your use case and events.

Stay informed: Be informed in real time on all threats and solutions available to defend your network.

User friendly: Easy to use – even for non-experts.


Information collected via intelligence methods.

Individualized: Provision of data via QuoIntelligence based on your client profile.

Source Triggers: Automatically receive QuoIntelligence Reports and alerts.

Collection Plan Management: Automated subscription to relevant topics as they arise.


Adaptive automation

Deal with the Unknown: Share tagging to automatically train machine learning models.

Self-learning: QuoLab learns from user inputs and actions and applies this to future actions.


Workflow Integration:

Analysis: Maximize effectiveness of analysis through efficient data visualization and interaction.

Be Proactive: Automatically create and refine block lists for Firewall, Proxies, DNS, etc.

Hunting: Full spectrum, automated campaigns across SIEM, log stores, and endpoint systems.

Expansion: Simple creation of Python notebooks and integration third-party providers via Rest-API and the Python-Orm module available.

Integration partner:

Alien Vault
National Software Reference Library (NSRL)
Reversing Labs


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  • The best defense system requires the perfect service.

    We go beyond simple product support. We link product-independent technical knowledge with years of experience in effectively dealing with security incidents.

  • See for yourself!

Our service. Strategic and operative support for you.


Quoscient provides assistance in helping you understand and monitor threats facing your company around the world. You will improve your understanding of current threats and will learn how to more effectively steer security investments and security measures. Thus, you are able to minimize risks and negative impacts.

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Malware Analysis:

Quoscient provides you with extracted indicators and additional technical insights on malware. You will easily and quickly acquire niche competences that empower you to act within context. You can better monitor a given situation and react quickly to sustainably reduce the impact of security compromises.

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Digital Forensics:

Quoscient thoroughly analyzes and documents each digital incident. You will receive comprehensive insights and a clear and concise protocol on your digital situation including compromised areas. This helps you effectively assert cyber insurance claims, the attribution of actors or the improvement of security measures.

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Technical Artifact:

Analyzing technical artifacts supports you in determining if a digital situation is connected to an attack and also supports you in the context analysis of technical artifacts via deeper insights. You will benefit from experienced experts, who will help you better recognize a situation.

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Incident Response:

Quoscient helps you evaluate and implement suitable measures to minimize risks associated with persistent security breaches. Its clear and concise event overview and optimally coordinated reactionary measures help you quickly contain threats and minimize risks.

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Threat Hunting:

Quoscient actively monitors networks and IT systems for undetected attacks. This provides you with greater awareness if or to which extent your technology environment is at risk.

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  • Cyber criminals never sleep – neither do we!

    Acting fast is essential to successful defense and to dealing with new threats adequately. We are always just a phone call away. Anywhere in the world. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

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  • We share our insights with you.

    Thanks to our international and interdisciplinary team, QuoINT helps you understand and monitor the current and future threat your company faces. This will help you in the decision-making process for steering investments in cyber security and the implementation of security measures to better protect your company.

Intelligence Operations and Products:

Our Products:
  • Estimates: Threat landscape, Red Cell Analysis
  • Assessments: Threat assessment, Attack attribution
  • Briefs: Threat Actor profiling, Vulnerability analysis
  • Bulletins: Weekly bulletins, Flash Warnings
Data and Information feeds:
  • Raw data feed: Malware hashes & samples, PassiveDNS
  • Information Feed: Tagged Network Indicator of Compromise (Threat Actor, ATT&CK, Kill Chain, and more), Reputation feed (IP, Domain, Hash, Code function), Yara/Intrusion Detection System Rules, Malware Similarity, Vulnerabilities & Exploits
  • Cyber Intelligence Team Design: We provide assistance in creating your threat intelligence team
  • Mentoring: Ad-hoc training programs on cyber attribution, threat actor profiling and cyber intelligence operations
Incident Hotline
+49 69 33 99 86 34

Cyberattacks require immediate action. That's why we are always in reach. Round the clock, round the globe. We strive to find the best possible decision together with you to ensure the best-possible damage prevention. Give us a call – no matter the issue!