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Cyber Security Awareness Month
14. October 2019

October Observed as a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Around the Globe

Cyber safety continues to be among the top priorities for many organizations, and for a reason. Cyber crime remains one...

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QuoLab Spam Analysis Featured Image
2. October 2019

QuoLab Use Case: E-mail Investigation

QuoLab, our collaborative and investigative security operations platform, was designed to be the one-stop shop for security professionals. It provides...

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QuoScient Client Portal
18. September 2019

QuoScient Client Portal: Your Access to Our Expertise

As part of QuoScient’s efforts to provide a comprehensive portfolio of products and services and deliver them to users in...

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Threat Hunting
9. September 2019

Threat Hunting as a Tool for Tackling an Increased Volume of Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks continue to pose one of the biggest threats to countless organizations around the globe, disrupting their operations and...

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Ransomware Attack
2. September 2019

How Government Institutions Can Protect Themselves Against Ransomware Attacks

Targeted ransomware attacks have been among the most common cyber threats in recent years. This is because they are relatively...

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26. August 2019

Cyber Security in the Era of Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been one of the most frequently mentioned buzz-phrases in the digital world for years...

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Cyber Threat Landscape
20. August 2019

The Challenges of Cyber Security in an Ever-Evolving Threat Landscape

As if the chronic shortage of skilled and experienced staff and the rising complexity and number of tools and technologies...

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Protecting Against the Cyber Threat Through Digital Active Defense
20. August 2019

Protecting Against Cyber Threats Through Digital Active Defense

The growing cyber threat affects pretty much all organizations that collect, process or store any digital assets of value. With...

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Advanced Persistent Threat Response Service Provider
20. August 2019

QuoScient – Qualified APT-Response Service Provider by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security

Cyber attacks come in many different forms and have different levels of intensity and impact on their victims. While phishing,...

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