Distributed Data Management and Analysis

QuoLab is a collaborative focused data analysis, investigation and exchange platform designed to allow analysts, subject matter experts and decision makers to quickly and efficiently interact in a unified, threat focused, environment.

With our cyber DNA, the platform was built to track, manage and interact in real-time with diverse, complicated data sources.

QuoLab explained in 90 seconds

Problems we solve:

Sharing and Collaboration
Breaking the Isolation of Security Teams
  • Crowd Sourcing – Join forces with other teams and collectively cover unknown threats

  • Sharing – Anonymously share and synchronize your cases across public and private communities

  • Staying Informed – Follow and be updated in real time about any source, case, user or data activity

  • Unleashing Your Team – Enable non-experts to seamlessly leverage Subject Matter Expertise (SME).

Adaptive Automation
Answering an Increasing Volume of Incidents
  • Deal With The Unknown – Share tagging to automatically train machine learning models
  • Self-Learning – QuoLab learns from its users and leverages this to implement orchestration rules

Smart Information Sourcing
Simplyfy Access to Relevant Information
  • Receive tailored QuoIntelligence based on customer profile

  • Dynamic Case Scoping – Automated delivery of QuoIntelligence triggered by shared content

  • Collection Plan Management – Automated subscription of new topics to customer profile

Workflow Integration
Reconciling People and Technology
  • Analysis – Maximize effectiveness of analyst’s efforts by scaling to meet demands

  • Be Proactive – Automatically create and refine block lists for Firewall, Proxies and DNS

  • Hunting – Full spectrum, automated campaigns across SIEM, log stores, and endpoint real estate

  • Extend – create and share Python notebooks, integrate with third parties through REST API and Python ORM modules

Result of our work:

QuoLab reduces the staffing requirements of traditional SOCs by 50%

Faster matching of internal and external threats by 480x

Manual analysis and threat processing efficiency gain of 120x

QuoLab seamlessly integrates into your current Security Infrastructure


QuoLab as a One Stop Shop

  • Collaboration Between Teams
  • Bringing Security Together

  • Integrate Technology as an Ecosystem

  • Reconciling IT Security Infrastructure

For the SOC and IR teams

  • Managing Investigation Case
  • Target Centric Management

  • Collaborating With SME Teams

  • Facilitating Access to Expertise

For the Threat Intelligence teams

  • Managing a Relevant Collection Plan
  • Implement A Threat Driven Strategy

  • Scalable Threat Hunting

  • Automate Hunting Campaigns

For the Forensic and Malware teams

  • Delivering Expertise

  • Integrating Closely With IR Processes

  • Enhanced Scoping

  • Supporting With the Right Information

EU Headquarters

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