Weekly Intelligence Bulletin – Week 47

22. November 19

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Current Threat Industry Impacted: Information Technology

A Nextcloud user recently reported a ransomware infection on their machine, which researchers determined to be a new ransomware family dubbed NextCry. According to BleepingComputer researchers, NextCry specifically targets the file hosting service Nextcloud running on Linux servers.

Reported Incidents Industry Impacted: Financials

Phineas Fisher, the hacktivist who compromised Hacking Team, disclosed a breach executed in 2016 against the Cayman National Bank and Trust Company. The attacker was able to steal “few hundred  thousands” of unspecified currency via SWIFT transfers, and exfiltrate 5TB of confidential data, now publicly available.



The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) published the “Threat landscape on 5G networks”. The report provides a technical and detailed overview on 5G architecture, assets, threats to those assets, and threat agents.



24 November – District Council Elections in Hong Kong

29 November – Black Friday

02 December – Cyber Monday