Weekly Intelligence Bulletin – Week 39

27. September 19

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Vulnerabilities Industry Impacted: ANY

On 23 September, Microsoft released out-of-band security advisories to address two vulnerabilities: a zero-day remote code execution vulnerability in Internet Explorer which is reported as being actively exploited in the wild; and a denial-of-service vulnerability in Defender anti-malware engine.


Threat Actor Activity Industry Impacted: Financials

On 19 September, QuoINT detected a new Cobalt spearphishing campaign delivering the CobInt backdoor, and as a result, we distributed a Warning to Clients to assist in early detection and prevention.




France, Germany, and the UK joined the US and Saudi Arabia in making Iran responsible for last week’s attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. States are increasingly using cyberattacks as proportionate retaliation to kinetic aggression, however cyber operations can potentially play a crucial part in escalating tensions.




28 September – Afghanistan Presidential Election
29 September – Austria Legislative Elections
01 October – 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China
02 October – Virus Bulletin Conference: VB2019 London