Weekly Intelligence Bulletin – Week 36

6. September 19

Weekly Intelligence Bulletin - Woche 35

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Current Threat Industry Impacted: Information Technology


Researchers at Google’s Project Zero revealed details of a collection of compromised websites used in watering hole attacks indiscriminately targeting iPhone users, that went undetected over a period of two years. These websites assembled five iPhone exploit chains, which exploited 14 vulnerabilities in iOS 10 through the latest version of iOS 12.


Threat Actor Activity Industry Impacted: Consumer Discretionary


Researchers at IBM published attack analysis about the financially-motivated group FIN6 shifting tactics to target checkout pages of e-commerce websites. The research also highlights the group’s continued use of the Golden Chickens Malware-as-a-Service within their attack operations.





On 4 September, Hong Kong’s Leader Lam announced the withdrawal of the extradition bill which initially incited the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. However, the demands of the protesters have since expanded, thus it is unlikely protests will fully cease in response to this withdrawal. In order to avoid extensive damages from unexpected events, companies need robust resilient plans, including having a certain degree of flexibility in their business operations.




09 September – Five Week of UK Parliament Prorogation to Begin

13 September – NATO Military Committee Meeting in Slovenia