Weekly Intelligence Bulletin – Week 35

30. August 19

QuoINTWeekly Bulletin

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Current Threat Industry Impacted: ANY, Information Technology


On 24 August Pulse Secure released an Out-of-Cycle advisory addressing multiple critical and high severity vulnerabilities in Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy secure 9.0RX. On 22 August, researchers detected active opportunistic scanning for devices vulnerable to two of the critical vulnerabilities listed in the advisory.



Threat Actor Activity Industry Impacted: Financials


On 23 August, QuoINT observed two Cobalt Group attack waves delivering the CobInt malware family to individuals in at least Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.




QuoINT previously observed a correlation between rises in cyberattacks attributed to North Korea and phases of increased geopolitical tensions. Therefore, as political tensions are worsening after North Korea’s repeated missile launches in recent weeks, a possible increase in cyberattacks might affect companies operating in high value industries including financials, Information Technology, and research.




04 September – Russia to Host Eastern Economic Forum