Weekly Intelligence Bulletin – Week 31

2. August 19

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Threat Actor Activity

Industry Impacted: ANY, Financials


Over the last week, QuoINT detected two attack waves impersonating the National Bank of Panama to deliver the CobInt malware, the notorious backdoor used by the Cobalt Group. Both attacks waves are part of the same campaign targeting financial institutions located in at least Europe, Central America, and South America.

QuoINT detected new activity linking to the Golden Chickens Malware-as-a-Services (MaaS), involving a new variant of TerraLoader and a new VenomKit document delivering a final payload of Remote Manipulator System (RMS) to enable remote control of an infected system.




Large scale demonstrations took place in Russia over previous weeks. Business travelers should be aware of these ongoing protests for both physical security, as well as of possible heightened online surveillance due to the protests.




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