Weekly Intelligence Bulletin – Week 10

6. March 20


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Current Threat

Industry impacted: Any

Soluble security researchers published a security advisory about a vulnerability affecting various Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) companies, which would allow an attacker to register fake look-alike (homograph) generic top-level domains (gTLDs), including .com, and .org, and subdomains using Latin homoglyph characters. Since 2017, reportedly over twelve registered homograph domains were able to acquire HTTPS certificates.

On 24 February, Apache Software Foundation released an advisory for a file read/inclusion vulnerability dubbed Ghostcat, which exists in all versions of Apache Tomcat 6.x through 9.x. Multiple Proof-of-Concepts were published including reports of mass scanning activity against the vulnerability



Industry impacted: Government

Over the last years, QuoIntelligence has observed cyberattacks targeting Greece correlating with diplomatic tension between Greece and Turkey. As tensions between the two countries are likely to remain strained after Turkey opened its borders to Greece in February, QuoIntelligence expects opportunistic and politically motivated cyberattacks to continue.


12 March – Governing Council of the ECB: monetary policy meeting in Frankfurt