Weekly Intelligence Bulletin – Week 22

31. May 19

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Find a summary below.


Threat Actor Activity Industry Impacted: ANY, Financials

QuoINT uncovered a targeted attack that highly matches the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of previous intrusion attempts at two financial service providers. In both earlier cases, the attacks were designed to deliver a tool associated with the North Korea-linked Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group Lazarus.

QuoINT has observed a new variant of TerraLoader being digitally signed with a valid digital certificate issued by Comodo to a fake company (CALYPSEC LIMITED) registered in the UK. The loader drops a newer version (6.2a) of the more_eggs JavaScript backdoor.


The US blacklisting of Huawei and the possible retaliatory measures by China will likely impact the global technological industry, due to the interconnectedness of supply chains. China might also increase cyber espionage campaigns targeting semiconductor companies to accelerate their domestic production.


03 June – President Trump to Visit UK

05 June – Denmark General Elections

06 June – President Trump to visit French President Macron in Paris, France

07 June – UK Prime Minister Theresa May to resign