Weekly Intelligence Bulletin – Week 21

24. May 19

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Vulnerabilities Industry Impacted: ANY, Information Technology

A developer published on Github the proof-of-concepts (PoCs) for four Windows local privilege escalation (LPE) vulnerabilities and a sandbox-escape zero-day vulnerability affecting Internet Explorer 11.

Researchers at Tenable discovered and reported a remotely exploitable vulnerability existing in the Windows desktop version of Slack, a collaboration service. Successful exploitation could allow an attacker to silently alter the download location of an affected Slack client to a remote attacker-owned SMB share, potentially enabling file theft, espionage, and manipulation.


Over the previous year, we have continuously reported on cyberattacks attributed to North Korea as well as geopolitical events that impact the country. We combined our data on both to assess how geopolitical events and cyberattacks correlate in North Korea.

After the US placed Huawei on its *”entity list”*, which restricts exports from US companies to Huawei, several companies halted business operations with Huawei. China is likely to increase industrial espionage campaigns targeting semiconductor companies to advance their domestic chip industry.


27 May – Austria’s Parliament to Hold ‘no-confidence’ Vote on Chancellor Kurz

31 May – US Foreign Minister Pompeo to visit Berlin