Sales partnership: TomahawX Technologies LLC to lead QuoScient’s sales operations in North America, GCC and Southeast Asia

1. October 18

QuoScient and TomahawX have entered into a partnership to sell QuoScient’s products and services in North America, GCC and Southeast Asia.

“QuoScient is a very promising start-up with great products and solutions that will take cyber security on a new level,” says Jaci Tomek, Founder and Managing Partner of TomahawX.

With a growing number of ever more sophisticated attacks companies must ramp-up their defense capabilities in the digital space and optimize their IT security.

Also, new regulations – most prominently the EU GDPR – increase the pressure for any internationally operating company. Data protection must be a top priority in every operational business model to avoid losing customer trust and being fined.

“We are convinced that QuoScient delivers a first-class product that is already compliant with all important regulation and enables companies to have a digital active defense against all kind of threats,” explains Tomek.

TomahawX clearly see the added-value that QuoScient can bring to clients specially in North America by being GDPR compliant while at the time bring in the great operational experience of QuoScient’s team in information security operations.

TomahawX will develop and execute a successful sales strategy by bringing QuoScient together with potential customers and partners to accelerate sales and close deals.

“Through the partnership with TomahawX, we have the right team at our side to strengthen our presence in North America, GCC and Southeast Asia. Our goal is to significantly strengthen our sales activities across all regions and achieve market growth,” said Ioannis Bizimis, CFO and co-founder of QuoScient.

Fabien Dombard, CEO and co-founder of QuoScient emphasizes “Jaci and her team impressed us with their solid security industry experience, their professional network and most importantly by their TomahawX Edge approach. For these reasons, we are convinced to have the right partners on board to create new opportunities and close deals for QuoScient and our products”.

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