QuoScient’s business lines spin-off into three independent entities: QuoLab Technologies, QuoIntelligence, and QuoSec

9. March 20

The QuoScient Management Board is pleased to announce the next growth phase for QuoScient.

Nearly four years after we founded QuoScient, it is now time to write a new chapter in our history. A chapter that builds on our previous success and empowers for future growth.

To that end we are spinning off our three business lines into separate entities to give each more focus and increased operational flexibility. These new companies will carry forward our product (QuoLab Technologies), threat-intelligence service (QuoIntelligence) and services (QuoSec) lines. Please be on the lookout for formal launch messages of each of these entities and welcome us in wishing them success!

You can directly contact the new business entities respectively via:

QuoScient GmbH will continue as a business enabler in the near term for these new entities, pushing their messaging and developments with our social media platform access and current clients.

QuoScient’s existing clients will not experience any disruption or change in the level of support we provide. We look forward to engaging with each individually to walk through the exciting changes this new chapter brings.

We thank our investors, employees, customers, partners and friends of QuoScient for their trust in and support for us since we have started our journey, and we are looking forward to this brand-new chapter with you.

The QuoScient Management Board