Press Statement – OEM Partnership Integration: QuoScient and Vector 35 announce an OEM Integration Between Their Core Products QuoLab and BinaryNinja

13. May 19


QuoScient and Vector 35 concluded an OEM integration between their core products QuoLab and BinaryNinja. BinaryNinja is a next generation reverse engineering platform developed by Vector 35 for analyzing compiled binaries. From now on, each QuoLab node will be delivered with an OEM license of BinaryNinja. BinaryNinja’s powerful API has been directly integrated within QuoLab and can be used when performing static malware sample analysis. By using QuoLab’s malware analysis and function tool as part of the application store, researchers and security professionals can perform reverse engineering on malware samples in a very effective and functional way combined in one platform.


QuoLab is the logical evolution of the security operations platform (SOP), merging threat intelligence platform (TIP) functionality, analytic processes, and case management in a unified, collaboration centric ecosystem. With QuoLab, security professionals track, analyse, contextualize, and respond to threats holistically, across their entire security ecosystem. QuoLab automates Threat Intelligence feed (MISP, TAXII, OTX, and more) collection efforts, immediately highlighting correlations with data from synchronized internal security controls (SIEM, firewall, IDS, etc).


“We decided on QuoScient for an OEM partnership because we are convinced by the value added by using the QuoLab platform particularly for advanced malware analysis and reverse engineering,” says Jordan Wiens, CEO of Vector 35. Wiens adds that it is “the first OEM with a Security Operation Platform of this magnitude, able to not only integrate with such a wide variety of sources, but also providing a system capable of technical deep-dives that go well beyond surface information“.


Fabien Dombard, CEO and co-founder of QuoScient emphasizes „Cyber Security Operators require the best tools to deliver on their daily mission, therefore selecting BinaryNinja as the reference static binary analysis engine was a natural step for us. We are extremely excited to embed into QuoLab an OEM license of what grew as a reference for the reverse engineering and malware analysis community. By combining the power of BinaryNinja with QuoLab, our collaborative analysis and investigation platform, particularly with leveraging QuoLab ML driven similarity matching and automated program analysis, we know we are delivering a unique set of capabilities to support cyber defense and response operations, this without extra cost to the end-customer“.


The press release is available for download in the “QuoScient Media” section of our Media Center.



Built by operators for operators, QuoScient provides customers across all industries with its expertise against digital threats of all kinds. Our Defense Technology QuoLab is the logical evolution of the security operations platform (SOP), merging threat intelligence platform (TIP) functionality, analytic processes, and case management in a unified, collaboration-centric ecosystem.


Vector 35
We are hackers, reverse engineers, developers, teachers, game-players, and problem solvers. With decades of experience in reverse engineering and vulnerability research, Vector 35 seeks to combine modern program analysis techniques with a focus on practical tooling that enables real-world problem solving. We care as much about the algorithmic implementation as we do about making interfaces and APIs accessible to real-world users, and that design philosophy is embedded into Binary Ninja, our flagship reverse engineering platform.