QuoScient Client Portal: Your Access to Our Expertise

18. September 19

As part of QuoScient’s efforts to provide a comprehensive portfolio of products and services and deliver them to users in the most optimal way possible, we have created a specially designed environment where they can access and get a clear and convenient overview of every service they use, and interact with it. 

Simply called Client Portal, this feature gives you easy access to all activities related to your QuoScient account. The first step is to register to the Client Portal and configure your account profile, which will provide you with all features of the portal, starting with the dashboard, where all your service requests, results, analysis and documentation, are laid out in a convenient and organized way for quick and easy access. 

In addition to the dashboard, the portal includes dedicated sections related to the different services we provide: 

  • QuoINT – for QuoScient’s Threat Intelligence services
  • QuoMARS – for QuoScient’s Malware Analysis Reversing Service
  • QuoLAB – for clients using QuoScient’s Security Operations Platform
  • Documents
  • News

QuoINT Tab – Threat Intelligence Services

The QuoINT section of the portal provides you with all of your active threat intelligence service requests as well as past requests that have been resolved. On top of that, it is regularly populated with intelligence information related to current threats, that is relevant to your organization.

It also allows you to submit new requests for cyber threat intelligence by the click of a button, which brings to a new window where you can provide us with relevant information that would help us support you as effectively as possible. After submitting your request, our team of expert analysts will start working on it right away.

QuoMARS – Malware Analysis Reversing Service

Similarly, to the QuoINT tab, the QuoMARS section lists all your previous and ongoing requests that are related to QuoScient’s Malware Analysis Reversing Services, and submit new ones.

 An important step to remember when submitting new requests is reading the Service Request Guidelines beforehand and try to adhere to them as closely as possible, because they are meant to help you optimize your request so that we can provide our services more efficiently.

 When you create a ticket, you can provide us with a detailed description of the issue and select a due date, along with choosing one of the available service types and upload the affected file you want analyzed.

 You can also choose the option to submit the request for another person within your organization, so that the they can receive the results of that ticket as well, which is quite convenient when other members of your team or management have to be informed about a given issue.

QuoLAB Platform

The client instance of QuoLAB can also be accessed via our Client Portal. It is a cloud-hosted instance of QuoScient’s collaborative, threat intelligence, analysis and investigation platform. This feature connects you directly to the intelligence compiled by our CTI team, enriched and contextualized by the QuoLAB platform.

 It contains various tools visualizing the data processed and provided by our analysts and allowing you to interact with it and use it as necessary.


In addition to the sections representing one of QuoScient’s products or services, the Client Portal offers a Documents tab, where you can search through, view and download various documents and threat intelligence materials that are part of your account.

 To get a better idea of what the Client Portal looks like and a more in-dept description of its features, take a look at this demo video.

 To learn more about QuoLAB and all its features and use cases, please go to our YouTube channel and watch the other videos listed there.

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