QuoScient – Qualified APT-Response Service Provider by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security

6. August 19

Cyber attacks come in many different forms and have different levels of intensity and impact on their victims. While phishing, malware and DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks are usually predominant and grab most of the headlines, there is another method that doesn’t get the same amount of attention, but is equally and often much more dangerous and can inflict more severe damage to organizations. It’s the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks, which have become the go-to method for threat actors looking to maximize their gain by using tools and techniques that make the attacks difficult to detect and give them access to the target’s systems for long periods of time. 

Making Your Defense System More Resilient to APT Attacks

 For an organization to be able to deter advanced persistent threat attacks or minimize the impact of such an event in case it’s been breached, it needs to adapt its strategy accordingly and implement the appropriate solutions. This includes the necessary training for your security team and giving them the necessary tools for detecting and responding to advanced persistent threats.

 Having recently been listed as a Qualified APT-Response Service Provider by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security, QuoScient has the means to help you accomplish that. QuoScient provides services that address several aspects related to APT-attacks, including malware analysis, digital forensics, adaptive automation and workflow integration.

 All these services are made possible by QuoScient’s security operations platform, QuoLAB, in addition to the team of security experts that help you devise the right strategy and implement it in the best way possible. QuoLAB is a solution that lets organizations collect and filter the relevant information related to an attach as quickly as possible, along with generating reports and sharing them with team leaders, management and authorities, when necessary.

After arming you with the most important information, QuoLAB then helps you enact the proper actions to determine which systems have been affected by an attack, take them offline and start the recovery process rapidly and in an organized and effective manner, which reduces the overall impact of the attack and lets you bring all your systems back into operation as fast as possible. This translates directly into reduced damage that is inevitable in the event of a data breach, which may include financial losses, reputation damage and regulatory sanctions and fines.

If you want to learn more about how QuoScient’s solutions and services can help protect your organization against advanced persistent threat attacks, contact us at curious@quoscient.io.

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