Protecting Against the Global Cyber Threat Through Digital Active Defense

5. August 19

The growing cyber threat affects pretty much all organizations that collect, process or store any digital assets of value. With attacks becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect and prevent, organizations must adapt and do whatever it takes to become more resilient better prepared for all current and future threats.

In practical terms, this means that in order to be able to minimize the risk of getting attacked and reduce the impact of a potentially successful attack, you need to adopt a proactive and comprehensive approach, which would allow you to be aware of your current defense system at all times, including any potential gaps and vulnerabilities, in addition to enabling you to stave off and respond to attempted attacks in a more organized and effective manner.

Analysis, Evaluation and Planning to Tackle Any Cyber Threat

Achieving a fully functional and effective digital security takes a multi-pronged effort that incorporates all aspects of cyber security, including threat intelligence, malware analysis, digital forensics, as well as incident management and response. All these elements need to be managed carefully and with complete focus, which is difficult to do without the proper tools and the necessary human resource.

However, many security teams are faced with a severe shortage of experienced and qualified staff, in addition to the lack of investment in technology that is needed to catch up with the evolving cyber threat. There is a solution that addresses these exact challenges, though.

All you need to do is make sure you tackle any cyber threat strategically, meaning you need to have a plan in place for every eventuality and try to stay one step ahead of the attacker. You can do that by utilizing a security operations platform that provides an ecosystem that integrates operational data sources and analytical tools, allowing you to put all available information into context and prioritize your actions following a security event.

QuoScient’s QuoLAB is the leading collaborative security operations platform that includes all of the above elements, and many more. It is designed to help security teams quickly detect, assess and respond to incidents, streamlining and optimizing each step and action taken by your security team and making them more effective.

The foundation of every successful cyber defense strategy includes a detailed analysis of your current security perimeter to define and eliminate potential weak spots.

Next, a thorough evaluation of your security needs and regulatory requirements that are specific to your organization, so that you can create and implement the appropriate processes and strategies for reducing the risk and minimizing the impact of cyber attacks while also achieving regulatory compliance.

Finally, planning and executing concrete steps and implementing specific tools and solutions, which is where a collaborative security operations platform such as QuoLAB comes in.

Intelligence, Collaboration and Automation

With a solution such as QuoLAB, you ensure that your security team always has all relevant information, thanks to the platform’s collaboration capabilities, allowing users to share and crowd source data in a secure and reliable manner. Information related to past cases as well as user activity can be very valuable in your efforts to reduce reaction times following an incident and enhance your protection against future attacks.

This collaboration is made that much more effective thanks to the platform’s intelligence information discovery feature, providing you with tailored and individualized data based on your organization’s profile.

What’s more, QuoLAB’s adaptive automation that is developed in such way that it learns from past user actions and inputs and suggests specific steps for future events makes you more aware of the changing threat landscape and allows you to adapt and prepare accordingly.

With a collaborative security operations platform like this, you make sure that you have a strong defense system in place that enables an efficient and optimized decision-making process as well as the utilization of your existing resources and tools.

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