Our Mission

The best defense against cybercrime


We founded QuoScient to provide you with our expertise in the fight against cybercrime. We are convinced our comprehensive and modular security solutions can provide your company with maximum security against all types of cyber threats. Our team is waiting to hear from you! Take advantage of our experience and expertise!

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Advantages at glance:

The team:

We have experts in our team unlike those found anywhere else in the world.

Our capabilities:

Cybercrime is our absolute top priority and we will work with you to implement a modern security system.

We think long-term:

We focus on your company goals, your data and your reputation now and in the future.

We’re always at top speed:

Our products and services provide security without time losses.

The cyber defense specialists

Fabien Dombard

Founder and CEO

His Mission:
To combine the strengths of humans and machines to create the best possible defense against cyberattacks.

More mabout Fabien Dombard (pdf)

Ioannis Bizimis

Founder and CFO

His Mission:
To provide his experience and expertise to companies to best defend them against the constantly growing amount of cyber threats

More about Ioannis Bizimis (pdf)

Ina Klemm

Head of Operations

Her Mission:
To drive forward the personnel and organizational development of QuoScient.

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Lars Wittmaack

Head of Security Services

His Mission:
To ensure early detection, quick reduction and effective analysis of cyber threats.

Our service for you

Daniel Young

Director Business Development

His Mission:

Help QuoScient accelerate in US region.

Marco Riccardi

Head of Threat Intelligence

His Mission:
Help reduce our client’s Cyber Risk through tailor-made Finished Intelligence.

EU Headquarters

QuoScient GmbH

Radilostrasse 43
60489 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

US Headquarters

QuoScient Technologies, Inc.

6700 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 200, Columbia, MD 21046


QuoScient GmbH

049213, 1 Fullerton Road, #02-01 One Fullerton